2020 / 2021 will live long in the memory as the years of the coronavirus pandemic. Daily life changed dramatically and suddenly. Here in the UK, we instantly lost freedoms that we have perhaps taken for granted. We couldn’t see our extended families; we couldn’t visit our church buildings; we couldn’t travel to other cities; we couldn’t eat out; we couldn’t hug our friends.

 For many, the coronavirus lockdown brought an acute sense of loneliness and isolation. Being separated from the people we love, and unable to do the things we love to do together, has been extremely difficult. It’s just not how we were made to be. Christmas is a time to celebrate Christ with others – our relatives and church families – and this year more than ever, we just want to be free to be together.

 For many of our Christian brothers and sisters in many parts of the world a lack of freedom is a never-ending pandemic that prevents much more than just festive celebrations.

Many believers cannot meet safely with other Christians. Many people cannot leave their homes to spend time with their friends. Many families travel only to escape from danger.

We sincerely hope that you will be free to be together with your family and friends, celebrating Christ joyfully, this December and beyond.


Attending Christmas Mass? Make plans well in advance

CHRISTMAS VIGIL: 24th December at 6 pm (Everyone is most welcome, Children and Families are especially invited);

CHRISTMAS MIDNIGHT: 24th December at 11 pm (23 Hours) (Everyone is most welcome, Young people are especially invited);

CHRISTMAS DAY: 25th December at 10 am: Everyone is most welcome.

Family Cribs will be blessed at all Masses on the 4th Sunday of Advent (18th-19th December) and Christmas.